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"Done when it's due. Relax."

System 53, Inc.'s roots date to lunch one fateful day in Cleveland, OH way back in 1990.  At that eventful meal, Pat Lynn and Vance Leffert determined there was a need for a unique type of consultancy: one dedicated to providing clients with results, not simply warm bodies.  Then and there they resolved to address the situation and thus was born System 53, Inc. - a firm whose primary mission is to see the needs of the client are met, even if that means fewer billable hours.   Fortunately for the clients, neither Pat nor Vance have ever been to law school.

To achieve their goal of "getting things done when they're due", they established a firm whose professional members are dedicated to getting the client's work done on time and within budget.  In putting the client's interests foremost, System 53's consultants have, on occasion, actually recommended a less expensive (and less profitable) option.  In fact, it is not unheard of for clients to be told they need do nothing for the time being!  Further, if the necessary skills cannot be provided in a timely manner, rather than quickly recruiting a "body to bill" off the street or from a school advertised on a matchbook cover, the client is actually informed of the shortage and referred elsewhere!  (Obviously NOT the standard, large consulting firm business model.)  Apparently Pat and Vance favor skills and real-life experience over business school theories.

While providing clients with the solutions best suited to their needs, System 53's people have a reputation for  "telling it like it is", even if it isn't exactly what the end-user expected to hear.  As demonstrated by the volume of client retention and referral, System 53's brand of integrity and customer loyalty is seldom regretted.  Obviously Pat and Vance have no political aspirations.

The President, Pat Lynn, got his start in this industry almost by accident while employed at the original Service Bureau Corp. (way, way) back in 1973 working on EAM equipment (sorters, collators, etc.)   He worked and learned his way through a variety of jobs, functions, and skills within several industries, government agencies, platforms, operating systems, software products, languages, and disciplines (mainframes on down) to get where he his today - a long way from the loading docks (yada, yada, yada).  For the last several years Pat has focused his talents in the PC arena (while still sporadically performing Tandem work), specializing in VB, SQL, VO, HTML, Access, xBase (Clipper, FoxPro, etc.), C, etc., etc., etc.  He can be reached at:

Vice-President Vance gained his technical skills reading manuals by candle light in a log cabin in Fort Smith, AR.  His career began with a brief stint in mainframes in 1980 (yes, they have computers in Arkansas) and soon progressed through a litany of disciplines until he settled on specializing primarily on the Tandem - and a more expert Tandem consultant would be hard to find.  (In fact, if anyone knows of anyone of Vance's caliber, please contact us about possible employment opportunities.)  He also works extremely well in the PC arena doing C, VB, SQL, HTML, Access, etc. and can be reached at:

System 53's associates are people of many years' acquaintance or were (at least) referred by people with long-time relationships and proven trustworthiness.

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