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About Us...

System 53, Inc., a Chicago-based, full-service data processing company, has been proving "bigger is  not always better" since 1991 by providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for our clients, large and small.  We offer a wide variety of services ranging from short-term business consulting to the design, development, documentation, and implementation of large, complex systems, as well as out-sourcing services and support.

System 53, Inc. is a group of skilled, experienced professionals from a wide range of industries and environments who work:

bulletfull or part time
bulleton or off site
bulletshort or long term
bulletany combination required to fill the needs of our clients

Visit "Contact Us" to learn about System 53, Inc.'s background and founders.   To request further information about our services and availability or to inquire about possible employment or contract opportunities, please contact us at:

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318 Half Day Road, #328
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089
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"Done when it's due. Relax."